After so many years of fishing the waters of Sheepshead Bay and beyond, we still get excited whenever a keeper gets brought on board. At the end of the day, its all about our guests and the great times that they have. We have made so many friends over the years, that its simply impossible to put all their reviews up. So here we decided to put up the ones with photos. If you’d like to share your fishing experience with everyone else, please go to our google plus, yelp, or yellow pages and leave a review. If you add pics from your day, we’ll add it to the site!

Diana C. – June 6th, 2015

Captain Timmy and Captain Jeff are the best! My bf and I bought a Groupon for a half day fishing trip for a great deal. We ended up showing up late at the pier because our GPS took us to DUMBO instead of Sheepshead Bay when we put in “Pier 1, Brooklyn, NY”. So make sure that the pier location is correct.

I called ahead to let them know my situation and Captain Jeff told me that they’ll be there until 5:10 pm and no later. After racing down to Sheepshead Bay from DUMBO, I show up at 5:11pm and saw the boat departing from the dock. I stood on the dock with my cooler watching the boat sail away when Captain Timmy approached me and asked if I was the one who called ahead to let them know my situation with navigation. Captain Timmy immediately called Captain Jeff to let him know that I was here and they turned the boat around to pick us up!! Absolutely incredible and I never would have expected that in a million years.

Though some of the customers expressed their dissatisfaction of having the boat turned around to pick us up, I’m sure you would be relieved too if you were in my shoes. Don’t expect the captains to turn their boats around for every late customer, but I wanted to share this awesome customer service and satisfaction I experienced.

Even though I didn’t catch any keepers that evening, the trip was totally worth it and the deck hands were very attentive. I am definitely coming back.

On Our Way!

A Great Day Catching Sea Bass!

Karen T. – May 29th, 2015

Always a good time on Captain Midnight, everyone from the Captain’s Jeff & Timmy to the mate Kyle and the rest of the crew is top notch!

Lee M. – May 26th, 2015

This can be hard-core fishing. It it not always pretty, or clean like most yachts, but the captain put us on fish most of the day. Jigging and some people dunking bunker for blues, over 100, a few dogsharks and even a keeper fluke were taken on board. Great Memorial Day of fishing when you catch a bunch, lose a few, and catch the pool winner! Almost more filets than I could carry.
Mate Kyle, I still owe you, for your help and cheerful support. Will see you soon! Lil

My Catch

Bucket Full of Fish!

Dave H. – May 10th, 2015

Capt. Jeff is awesome owner his deck mates Kyle and “crazy” Eddie are so helpful and fun its like fishing with friends. They laugh and joke with you. Went for my bday with 4 friends we caught 27 blue fish between us all. Will definitely be back again. I wouldn’t fish on any other boat. I am not experienced and kept tangeling my reel Kyle just kept joking with me and fixing it, didn’t make me feel dumb. Thanks again guys for a great bday.

Annais S. – May 5th, 2015

I had such a great time on this trip. We caught 11 flukes and one won the prize for the biggest catch of the day. The crew on the ship were friendly, knowledgeable and warm. We will definitely be back! At the Groupon price of $35 for two; it’s a no-brainer!

Some advice- wear rain boots, warm layers, a hat and some gloves. Bring snacks, water, have some patience and ENJOY!

Caught the fluke winner! Biggest catch of the Day.

What a Beast!

Tyrese D. – July 28th, 2014

I had such a great time on this trip. We caught 11 flukes and one won the prize for the biggest catch of the day. The crew on the ship were friendly, knowledgeable and warm. We will definitely be back! At the Groupon price of $35 for two; it’s a no-brainer!

Some advice- wear rain boots, warm layers, a hat and some gloves. Bring snacks, water, have some patience and ENJOY!Fishermen log 7-25-14 went fishing with Capt Jeff on his new boat The Midnight Star caught our limit of keeper Sea Bass & Fluke, when I’m on this boat I feel safe and at home an don’t let me forget always peaceful so if you want to catch fish you must ride with Capt. Jeff of the Midnight Fleet!! He’s not satisfied until you catch your limit of fish.

Glen S. – June 15th, 2013


i grew up fishing on “party-boats” outta Atlantic Highlands in NJ and after moving to Brooklyn, i needed to find the right one when i wasn’t surf casting or bait-fishing.

i went out on a few others before grabbing some Groupons for the Capt.Midnight/the Bullet Fleet and man was I ever happy.

it’s a little smaller than the rest, but makes up for it big time.

the thing is, most the other “nicer” & bigger boats don’t really care once they’ve got you onboard and got your money. gas is so expensive now so they try to not take you very far to save as much fuel as possible which means fewer spots, and LESS FISH.

Captain Jeff though is an ace! and since he’s got a smaller boat that uses less gas and wants you back on his boat another time, he’s not scared to bring everybody all over in search of the best spot with THE MOST FISH.

every time i’ve been out on the Capt.Midnight/Bullet Fleet, everyone has caught fish. the 1st mates, Kyle and i forget the other one’s name, are so nice and helpful. i know what i’m doing (most of the time) but they’re even really patient with beginners and 1st-timers.

in addition, one of the best things about this boat is the “vibe”, excuse the expression. what i mean is it’s such a mixed group, such a wonderful cross-section of brooklyn anglers, with everyone helping and talking to each other. all the regulars are funny and friendly, never giving you a mean “locals only” vibe. people who go out on the Capt.Midnight/Bullet Fleet keep coming back, which shows in the way Captain Jeff knows practically everybody onboard and they all have told me separately when i’ve been fishing next to them that he’s the best captain outta sheepshead bay.

i could go on and on, but you get the point. it’s definitely the best value out there. the most fish for the best price, w/ the best atmosphere.

can’t wait to get back on board!


Keeper Fluke.

Le Big Kahuna!

Tamara O. – August 20th, 2011

My fishing cherry was popped on the Bullet Fleet. I had a great first time with Capt. Jeff, Tommy, and the rest of the crew. We had a Groupon, but who doesn’t these days? For $26 per person, we fished and listened to the regulars curse like… sailors. This shindig normally costs $60 each. For the price, we got a fishing rod, reel, tackle, and bait. If you’re like me, it will cost $3 to replace each sinker that you lose.

The crew are a bunch of loud pottymouths. No worries, they mean well. They were helpful but did not coddle us.

Some notes about Bullet Fleet:
– The day starts early. The boat leaves the dock at 7:30am – not 7:31 and definitely not 7:35. CP time doesn’t work with these guys.
– Wear long sleeves. It gets cold as a witch’s tit.
– Wear long pants, preferably sweats. Again, cold. tit.
– Don’t wear your Sunday best. Fishing is messy. Nothing like some fish guts to kill a nice pair of Sperrys.
– Bring food, water, and booze. We were on the water for 7 hours. Stay satiated, son!
– Dollar bills, yall. The crew (called mates in Fishermanese) work hard. Tip them.

After a long day we came home with 7 fish (fluke and sea bass). Of course, I got the big O(ne).

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We hope that you enjoyed reading some our guest’s experiences with the Midnight Fleet. As always, its our goal to put you on top of the fish so you can catch some memories of your own. Hope to see you soon!