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About Midnight Fleet

The Midnight Story

How It All Started

Every sailor has a story and our beloved captain is no different. He’s been at this for a long time and has had many wonderful adventures with the locals and visitors to the Sheepshead Bay community.

An old photo of Sheepshead bay.

Jeff's Fishing Mentors

While working on various boats, Jeff received guidance and support from some of the greatest fishing legends, including Captain George “White Chin” O’Connell and Captain Eddie “Seawolf” Moraski.

A photo of the Bullet II boat.

In the Beginning

It all started when Jeff was about 10 years old and he had his first Sheepshead Bay fishing experience. He fell in love with the idea of someday owning his own boat and fishing for a living. The call of the open water was so strong that it inspired him to get a job as a deckhand as soon as possible.

A photo of Sea Wolf boat.

The Sheepshead Bay Fleet

By the age of 21, Jeff became the proud owner of his first boat, the Taurus. Since then, he has owned seven other boats including Symba, Bullet, Bullet II, Baby Bullet, Captain Midnight, Midnight Star, & Lady Midnight.

For many years our captain was operating under the Bullet Fleet banner, but after retiring the last Bullet, he decided to begin the Midnight Fleet era, starting with the Captain Midnight. With a total of three ships using the name, the Midnight Fleet, captain, and crew came onto the scene on Sheepshead Bay.